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Ross doesnt neccessary make the rods but of all the rods coming overseas they have been the smoothest to cast for the money and will easily get the job done. Actually I have 10wt flystik which I bought so I wont be delayed fishing for muskies. I busted my Winston B2X 10wt and when I started using the Ross and I was amazed how much better it casted the 10-16″ flies. So as soon as I got the Winston rod back it went on fleabay. No need to overline the Ross at all so.
Techincally the Sage LMB is a 11wt classification. It’s still very good rod. I now have a T&T 10wt which I got in a trade and they are best rod on the market.
I will use this rod when I am not yak fishing but the Flystik will along with my Scotts.
I have yet to try Loomis Shore Stalker rods but I am tempted to pick up one but I am surely gonna catch the evil eye from my wife.


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